What are the special requirements for mold design of Aluminum Shell Blister Products?

Publish Time: 2024-04-27
The mold design of Aluminum Shell Blister Products does have some special requirements, which are mainly due to the particularity and performance requirements of Aluminum Shell Blister Products. Here are some of the main special requirements:
High-precision mold design: Since Aluminum Shell Blister Products has strict requirements for dimensional accuracy, the mold design must ensure the precise molding of the product. All parts of the mold require precise fit to ensure that the product does not deform or produce errors during the blister process.
Consider the properties of the material: Aluminum has a high hardness, but it also has a certain degree of ductility. These characteristics of aluminum need to be fully taken into consideration when designing the mold. It is necessary to ensure that the mold can withstand the pressure of the aluminum during the molding process, and to avoid excessive stretching or tearing of the aluminum due to excessive pressure.
Design of demoulding slope: Reasonable design of demoulding slope can avoid product damage during the demoulding process. For Aluminum Shell Blister Products, due to the hardness of aluminum, the design of the draft is particularly important. It is necessary to ensure that the product can be removed from the mold smoothly while avoiding scratches or deformation of the product during the demoulding process.
Mold strength and durability: Aluminum Shell Blister Products usually need to be blistered multiple times, which requires the mold to have sufficient strength and durability. High-quality materials should be used in mold design and reasonable structural design should be carried out to ensure long-term use of the mold.
Design of cooling system: During the blister process, aluminum will undergo rapid heating and cooling processes. Therefore, the cooling system settings need to be taken into consideration when designing the mold to ensure that the product can be cooled evenly and avoid internal stress and deformation.
Consider production efficiency and cost: While mold design meets product performance requirements, production efficiency and cost should also be taken into consideration. For example, the mold structure can be optimized to reduce downtime during the production process and improve production efficiency; at the same time, the manufacturing cost of the mold can also be reduced through reasonable material selection and processing methods.
To sum up, the mold design of Aluminum Shell Blister Products needs to comprehensively consider multiple factors such as product accuracy, material properties, demoulding angle, mold strength, cooling system, production efficiency and cost to ensure that the product can meet the usage requirements. And achieve the best economic benefits.

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